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The Law Office of Nicholas D. Jonson, PC specializes in handling matters related to family and criminal law.

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Facing a partner during a divorce or the court after being charged with a crime can be challenging for multiple reasons. At my firm, the Law Office of Nicholas D. Jonson, PC, I aim to provide you with insight, experience and reassurance. I seek to advise you by providing over 27 years of experience and legal knowledge in heated family law issues or criminal accusations.

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Family Law

Family Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

A Personalized Approach

I understand that all cases are different. Even though many people have gone through a divorce or child custody battle, your situation is unique, and creating a strategy aimed at achieving your goals requires a thorough examination of the facts. You likely still have difficult choices to make.

I work hard to make sure that your options are explored and to keep you involved in each part of the process. I will contact you with updates and other findings, as well as offer guidance and answer any questions you may have. My goal is to make sure that you are informed and prepared.

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