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Dependable Family Law Advocacy You Deserve

In order to address a family law issue, you may require reliable and seasoned legal assistance to make decisions that will affect your loved ones and assets. Therefore, it is crucial to learn your rights and options before making decisions that could have an everlasting impact on your life and as a parent.

I am attorney Nicholas Jonson. I have practiced family law for over 27 years. From the Law Office of Nicholas D. Jonson, PC, I help future ex-spouses and concerned parents in Colorado who are going through difficult times. I understand the implications each of your choices can have in the long run. Therefore, my goal is to explain your options and craft strategies and solutions to meet your legal needs and protect your rights, loved ones and assets.

A Comprehensive Approach To Challenging Issues

Family issues can take an emotional toll and cause unnecessary stress on you and your children. Therefore, the legal advocate you have to assist you through the process can make a difference in favorably resolving your case.

I am ready to help you with all issues concerning your family law case, including but not limited to:

  • All aspects related to ending a marriage
  • Division of marital assets
  • Child support
  • Prenuptial agreements

I also can assist as a neutral party to help parents make decisions and reach agreements for the benefit of their children, a function also known as a Parenting Coordinator/Decision-Maker (PC/DM). Family law issues may be complex and emotional, but I will strive to develop solutions to protect your rights, interests and family.

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